Building better bonds

Adhesives used in the assembly of many of today’s electronic products and packaging are steadily growing. The Chemsultants’ team understands the importance of performance, reliability and specification conformance when working with electronic adhesives. For years, we have worked with many of the world’s leading OEMs and component manufacturers and their suppliers. These suppliers produce critical parts and packaging using tapes, coated packaging materials, assembly adhesives and more.


We get clean!

We understand the need for cleanliness in high tech applications.  Chemsultants recently installed a class 10,000/1,000 clean room to produce custom PSA and other coated materials. Currently, our TPC-2 coater and SIAT press reside within this cleanroom.

Our clients in the electronics industry appreciate being able to prototype, scale up, and contract manufacture their products. Our staff is highly proficient in producing short runs of high value raw materials and transitioning from lab quantities to a scalable product.


Our services help our clients:

  • Test physical properties
  • Analytically evaluate products
  • Age products in environmental chambers
  • Improve their product’s performance
  • Enhance their manufacturing processes
  • Reduce product costs
  • Develop new products with a shorter time to market
  • Prototype faster
  • Contract manufacture in roll form


Product experience:

  • PCB processing tapes
  • Chip processing materials
  • Silicon wafer processing aids
  • Special silicone polymer materials
  • Thermal management products
  • Package component development
  • Phenolic adhesives