Experts as Teachers

Chemsultants International provides technical training to those interested in learning more about adhesives, coating technologies, and testing. Members of our professional staff have over 175 years of combined experience in a wide variety of disciplines including adhesion theory, formulating, product development and applications, web coating and product testing.

Over the past 15 years, Chemsultants International has consulted with and provided training to QA, QC, R&D and Production staff members of industry participants worldwide on topics that include:

  • Developing pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Applications and uses for specialty adhesives and specialty coated products
  • Testing pressure sensitive tapes, labels, liquid adhesives, specialty coatings and sealants

Chemsultants International presents several technical training workshops during the year in conjunction with the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council, including a Manufacturing & Testing of PSA Tapes class every September.

Special workshop sessions are conducted at locations around the country and at select international sites in conjunction with Alexander Watson and Associates.

We can also customize a training session for your team at our Mentor, OH Technology Campus.

Upcoming Events


Coating Tech Institute at Chemsultants International - March 13-15, 2018 - Mentor, OH

Technical training course focuses on slot die coating technology and is designed for operators and engineers who are new to slot die coating or those who are interested in increasing their knowledge and skill quickly and efficiently. The course includes a mix of classroom learning paired with hands on opportunities in a laboratory and on a coating line. Participants can assemble and disassemble parts of a coating line, create coating defects, resolve coating defects, and operate various equipment utilized in the coating process.


IPSA Workshop (Introduction to PSA's) - March 19-20, 2018.   Amsterdam, Netherlands

Workshop is designed to introduce participants to the basics of PSA products, including their design, manufacture and end-use. The target audience are professionals involved with marketing, research, technical support, quality control and production, they may be new to the PSA industry, or those professionals needing a primer on the technical aspects of PSA products. To support understanding of the market and the technical background for self-adhesives, a broad range of topics from market trends to “why pressure-sensitives work” will be covered.


PSTC Tape Summit - May 7-11, 2018- Minneapolis, MN

Two unique and powerful educational classes during the Tape Summit 2018 that cover all aspects of PSA tape design and manufacturing. The classes are suitable for anyone making or selling tape products, to in-depth technical classes designed for scientists and engineers. These classes are taught by a dedicated volunteer faculty, all of whom bring many years of practical experience in the industry.


PSTC's Manufacturing & Testing of PSA Tapes at Chemsultants International - September 17-19 Mentor, OH

Class covers details of coating and converting methods, along with in-depth discussion of testing methods and analytical tools.  The class is unique in its combination of classroom discussions and lab-based demonstrations, allowing for an in-depth exploration of topics.  Time is split almost equally between class room discussions and actual demonstrations and techniques - including testing equipment, pilot coater equipment and converting equipment.